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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hospitals and medical laboratories with a complete and comprehensive LIS software that offers the highest standards of service, while considerably increasing efficiency and ROI. All while providing a superb user experience through our advanced laboratory solutions.

25+ Years of Experience

We have leveraged 25 years of experience in the laboratory information systems space to provide pioneering best-practice solution that streamlines the most complex of processes and simplifies everyday lab management.

25 plus years of LIS experience
24/7 support from our LIS experts

100% Customer Retention

We are proud to be a trusted partner to our customers, and as such we have a 100% customer retention rate. Our specialization in the LIS space means that our customers receive unprecedented industry turnaround time. We oversee and manage every aspect of LabOS implementation, from planning to delivery as well as maintenance via 24/7 support.

Among Our customers

Meet the Team

Sefi Brand | Managing Partner

After working in almost every department in the company throughout his 20 years with us, Sefi’s role these days focuses on strategic planning, addressing core business challenges, financial management as well as internal and external communications.

Eli Meir | Co-CEO

Has been leading LabOS since 2001. Focusing on our client services unit and handles all interactions with our local and international clients, closely attending to their particular needs and dynamic work environments, with unparalleled devotion and professionalism.

Zvika Zisser | Co-CEO

Having fulfilled several key positions in LabOS such as leading the Dev & Product teams as well as managing the USA branch, Zvika has also co-founded an independent successful startup company from which he brings unparalleled knowledge and experience, leading LabOS to the next level.

Gilad Brand | CBDO

As our Chief Business Development Officer, Gilad oversees our BizDev, Marketing and Sales departments to ensure a smooth and enjoyable sales process. Gilad brings with him over 15 years of expertise in product, development, implementation and support teams and possesses huge skill for identifying the lab’s major pain points.

Avi Allerhand | VP Product

Avi joined LabOS in 2001 and has been leading the product unit with innovation in mind. Avi is  overseeing product releases from planning and development to quality assurance and documentation. His deep familiarity and understanding of the laboratory life are incorporated in our LIS.

Moshe Marciano | VP R&D

An experienced R&D leader in all aspects of software product development, agile methodologies, and application life cycle management, Moshe has a proven track record in leading complex, distributed systems and mass mobile deployments in both startup and international enterprise ventures.

Maria Sitone | VP People

Leading our HR unit since 2017 with over 50% company growth, believing that people, and their workplace satisfaction, are the driving force of company’s success. Maria is skilled in workplace relations, technological recruitment and talent management with strong human relations.

Efy Brand | Chairman

Founded the company in 1988, Efy is a veteran software developer and a seasoned entrepreneur, who has lead several startup companies in Israel and the USA. He brings to LabOS exceptional business experience and technical knowledge.

Rami Jaschek, PhD | Chief Scientist

Our system architect and technical leader, focusing on leveraging emerging technologies & methodologies to meet the latest requirements and trends in the LIS field – and deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

Kobi Spiegel
Kobi Spiegel | VP & GM LabOS USA

Joined LabOS in 2022 and currently serves as VP & GM LabOS USA. With over 17 years of experience in global companies, specializes in R&D, product development, agile methodologies, implementation, support, and customer relations

Mor Caspi
Mor Caspi | Director of Client Services

Mor joined LabOS in 2017 as our project manager. Today Mor is successfully leading our Client Services and Technical Operations division. Mor and her team oversee all of LabOS customers’ operations, making sure they are enjoying all the benefits our LIS offers